Sunday, April 5

Couple Must Make One Hundred $ 20,000 After Bank Error Caused by Spending Spree

Robert and Tiffany Williams bought a caravan, a race car and clergyman money to friends before the bank realized the mistake

A Pennsylvania couple who had a spending frenzy after a bank accidentally deposited over $ 200 On his account now regrets his spending means after being deemed to be a linear justice unit for theft.

“It was probably not the best thing in the end,” said Robert Williams at the WNEP-TV locus chain, explaining that he had “taken some bad legal advice” about the issue.

In June, during a two-and-a-half-week period, Williams and his wife, Tiffany, who had $ 121 before the mistake, withdrew more than $ 100,000 from the surprise deposit. thus using to perform world organization down payment on world organization account. Chevrolet SUV.

The couple also bought a caravan, a caravan, a race car and two four-wheeled vehicles, and used it to pay bills and support needy friends at 15-odd prizes. $ 000.

It took three weeks for the bank, a DE BB shot & T branch, to be aware of the mistake, while it remained surround $ 13,000. The bank radiotelegraphic signal to the couple that they were responsible for the return of the money.

Tiffany Williams, 35, told DEs bank officials that she would “talk to her husband and try to close the world organization repayment agreement,” autoimmune disorder policeman Aaron Brown told the Sun-Gazette of Montoursville.

In separate interviews with DE investigators at the end of July, Robert Williams, aged thirty-six, and his wife “acknowledged that they knew that the lost money was not theirs, but they had when culture spent “.

The couple then stopped contacting the bank and were subsequently sued for stealing and possession of stolen goods.

The neighbors of the couple offered little sympathy. “I would check with the bank first before doing anything metal,” said Robert Painton, according to the tv locus. “I’m not so stupid, but some people sometimes do nonsense.”