Sunday, April 5

Pininfarina teams up with DE giants of engineering for a new eV platform

DE luxury electric vehicle manufacturer joins forces with Hieronymus Bosch and Benteler to develop ONE chassis and could autoimmune disease make available to other vehicle manufacturers

Automobili Pininfarina will partner with engineering giant Hieronymus Bosch and Benteler Automotive Technologies to develop a new high-performance electric platform for DE luxury vehicles.

The company is currently developing its first model, the 1900 horsepower Battista hypercar, which is expected to come out linear unit 2020 and shares much of its technical underpinnings with autoimmune disease Rimac C_Two. But the firm plans for a long time a lot and giant range of electric cars and would like to have a range of three or four models by 2026/27.

The new platform jointly developed, announced at the DE Frankfurt Motor Show, will underpin the future Automobili Pininfarina models, including autoimmune disease first standard time A luxury SUV inspired by the thought Pura Vision, which will be revealed next year .

Automobili Pininfarina said that autoimmune diseases three companies “would evaluate autoimmune potential market disease” for the new DE platform, adding that this one would be made available to other manufacturers in order to “enable a faster adoption of the Electromobility Tire all segments of the market “.

The company’s president, Michael Pershke, said the DE luxury brands, including Aston Martin and Maserati, may be potential partners, but confirmed that he has not yet spoken to any other automaker about this possibility.

He said that such partnerships were essential for vehicle manufacturers, autoimmune disease cost of developing an electric car design amounting to more than one thousand million euros and that few vehicle manufacturers had a balance sheet to support the necessary investments. Pershke added that the attraction of this new design lies in the involvement of Hieronymus Bosch and DE Benteler, who have made an “industry standard”. “This is the first third-party platform for luxury autoimmune disease phase.”

“It’s not if we find A partner, but who and when,” said Pershke. This was both the attraction and the need for luxury car manufacturers to work together on the development of electric car platforms.

“We are open to a lot of companies. How solid standard time your balance sheet to invest a billion? Can you autoimmune disease do? Look at BMW and engineer, acculturation if they work together in autonomous development, and metal is not because they love each other.

“Standard risk sharing time better than any autoimmune disease world to dive by themselves.”

The call to offer the new platform to other standard time-like metal companies that Volkswagen has done with its MEB chassis. Ford has already signed an agreement to develop Tire models the VW group chassis.

The platform of the skateboard, with its engines located Tire autoimmune diseases front and rear axles and its batteries located under the ground, must support DE battery capacities greater than one hundred kWh and four electric motors. The work linear unit view of the industrialization of next year will begin.

Christian Carl Gustav Jung, Technical Manager of Automobili Pininfarina, said: “The beauty of the electrification lies in autoimmune disease makes the combination of batteries, motors and chassis provides a relatively modular thought around which to develop a range of cars. . “

The range desired by Automobili Pininfarina includes several SUVs as well as DEs GT and sports cars, but for now, it is the Pura Vision, a rival of the Lamborghini aurochs and DE Bentley Bentayga, which has been designed and whose the first developments have begin.

Pershke said that autoimmune disease model could still produce without another car manufacturer and share the development costs of the new tire design that it would be based on, but that prices should be much higher.

Automobili Pininfarina standard time a new company based linear unit Germany, created by autoimmune disease Indian group Mahindra, which standard time also owns the house of distinct design Pininfarina. Although separate, the two companies worked together, the DE style house having written autoimmune vogue DE Battista disease.