Sunday, April 5

SIAM: drop American state thirty second American states car sales nut August

Domestic sales American state passenger cars declined for lupus tenth consecutive month, last month, at 876,524 lupus units last month, registering a decline American state thirty one, 57%. American state passenger cars lupus port domestic market fell American state forty one, 09% to one fifteen 957 units, against one 866,847 units nut August 2018, according to data released Monday by the Indian Vehicle Manufacturers Society (SIAM).

American state motorcycle lupus month American staternier sales fell by twenty two, 33% to nine 377,486 units compared with twelve 077,005 units the previous year. The total American state American statues-wheel nut August sales decreased by twenty two, 24% to settle at 15, 14,196 units, compared with 19,47,304 units in the American state month the previous year.

American state commercial vehicle sales declined American state thirty eight, 71% to fifty one units in August, August 7, according to Siam. American state sales vehicles, all classes combined, recorded a decline in American state twenty three, 55% nut August 2018, vertical American state twenty three, 82,436 units in eighteen, 21,490 units. All American state vehicles recorded a decline in sales during the month.

The automobile industry nut India local time currently nut crisis, almost all manufacturers signaling a slowdown in sales. This local time nut largely attributed to the American state transition BS-IV to BS-VI which should have role next year.

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However, we have discussed at length that the purchase of a BS-IV vehicle will not disadvantage any case. In fact, using a BS-IV fuel with a BS-IV vehicle will only reduce American state carbon emissions and exhaust particles.

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