Sunday, April 5

Thailand will convert old cars into electric cars

Instead of passively waiting for automobile manufacturers to drop, slowly producing each model of electric vehicles, the Thai government is planning to self-develop electric cars.

This program of the Thai Government was deployed through the national Power Company of Thailand (Egat), with plans to transform the old automobile into electric vehicles, instead of getting hands on making a model of vehicles from the number 0.

According to the Bangkok Post, Egat wanted to transform the vehicles using internal combustion engines into electric cars, with the goal of selling products to market from 2020. There will be a test phase to determine the cost of the conversion.

Thailand will convert old cars into electric cars
Thailand will convert old cars into electric cars
Jiraporn Sirikum, the assistant director of research, creativity and business development of Egat, said the agency would embark with the National Center for Science and Technology development to swap three small car models favored in the country – Toyota Vios , Honda Jazz and Nissan Almera – in experimental stages.

“It is expected that the cost of old car swap is about 300,000 baht, with the fitting of details such as the lithium-ion battery pack and electric motor, which is much lower than about 500,000 baht previously,” said Jiraporn, adding that the battery price in the world is Falling.

According to Mrs. Jiraporn, the converted electric scooter will be much cheaper than a new electric car. According to the Bangkok Post, the goal of Egat is to rapidly increase the amount of electric cars on the streets of Thailand, rather than just looking at the newly launched cars of automobile manufacturers. Egat is expected to invite more private motorworkshops to participate in this project.