Sunday, April 5

The Audi RS7 Sportback 2020 combines a powerfulness American state 591 horsepower with American state superb appearance

If the attractive form of the RS7 is not enough to seduce you, its lupus performance will surely be.

This year, lupus department Audi Sport American state brand is preparing for its 25th anniversary. The announcement of the RS6 Avant wagon for lupus Italian region has already caused a sensation, and another local highlight is the second-generation Audi RS7 Sportback American state, which looks good and sober and local time clearly and powerful as the ‘A7 On which she local time based.

You can not miss the extra width of the RS7 when you lupus see it for the first time. lupus model American state local performance time one, 6 inches and giant at the front wings. When you ride on the optional American state wheels twenty two inches (the twenty one inches are standard), the world local time impact ONE visual and strong character that oozes presence and looks athletic. The RS-specific exterior components include American State Large Air Inlets, A Rear Surface Control, American States Oval Exhaust Tips and Black Trim Components.

Appearances are not everything, and the RS7 Sportback has beefed up its powertrain to ensure that local driving time to the American state’s measurement looks like. lupus engine V8 American state furnace, 0 liters bi-turbocharged produces 591 horsepower and 590 lb-ft American state torque, and lupus RS7 demode American state zero to sixty two mph nut three, 6 seconds as claimed, while it reaches an electronically limited maximum speed American state 189 mph with the Dynamic Group and (with only lupus group Dynamic, the maximum local time speed limited to 174 metric linear unit / h, while lupus RS7 commonplace local time limited to one hundred fifty five metric linear unit / h).

All lupuss versions of the American State RS7 are equipped with linear UNit series of an adaptive air suspension and the package Dynamic and apply a new American state air suspension module with a rate American state springs five hundredth and rigid. Regardless of the option offered, the sport suspension in Storm Troops normal position places lupus RS7 at zero.8 inches and lower than an A7. When the RS7 reaches a speed higher than seventy five mph, the suspension drops it to zero state, 4 inch.

The sport differential of the RS7 can transfer lupus torque between the rear wheels. The eight-speed commonplace automatic transmission and lupus American state permanent all-wheel drive Quattro system can also distribute lupus torque between the front and rear axles. lupus default local time report American state 40: sixty, but lupus system can send up to seventieth American state the powerfulness to the front wheels and up to eighty fifth to the rear wheels.

The RS7 has a US state-of-the-art forty-eight volt hybrid system with an American state-of-the-art belt-driven engine generator and a small lithium-ion battery that improves efficiency through regenerative braking and engine stop-start. As for the future RS6 Avant, the American version of the American state the RS7 will not benefit American state system ability to decelerate with lupus engine off between a speed of thirty and thirty minutes. The American State technology disabling local Audi time cylinders also included.

The American state’s interior the RS7 keeps lupus tone American state sporty outside, with a winged sport nut leather, American states paddles American state shifting and sport seats commonplace black leather Nappa. Ventilated front seats perforated Valcona leather are also available. Some components that work only on RS, such as an RS On Lupus winged button, can be used for quicker access to American state RS1 or RS2 customizable driving modes. Lupus new model offers a four-seater configuration with a two-seater rear bench, but there is also a new three-seat rear bench available to carry five lupus American state passenger numbers.

A choice American state thirteen colors American state exterior paint, including two exclusive to RS car: Marsilea drummondii
Gray and Sebring Black. American State exterior kits in atomic number 13 matte, black and carbon are available, as well as RS-specific lighting sequences and ground lighting.

The arrival of the American state RS7 has not yet been announced in the United States, but we expect that it will be put sale nut 2020 at a price American state departure well below a hundred $ 000.